What We Offer: 

If you are an organisation that is undertaking temporary works or involved in the management of temporary works, but do not yet have a temporary works procedure in place, please don’t worry, you are not on your own.  

CBR Temporary Works Ltd deliver temporary works training to organisations in both the UK and Ireland and it has been observed that a number of organisations in both countries do not yet have temporary works procedures in place. The tide has certainly started to shift over the years as more and more organisations are now aware of this requirement and are making motions in the right direction to get procedures in place.

There still seems to be a misconception however that the sole reason of having a robust temporary works procedure in place for a company is health and safety. Health and safety is of course a massive tangible benefit of having a procedure in place due to the structured management framework it instils in organisations, however it can also have a far greater reach.


Personalised Service:

Those organisations that in fact embrace temporary works in the wider sense can also see the intangible benefits that come from having a robust temporary works procedure in place. The benefits come in the form of planning, compliance, technical and commercial benefits from the structured and logical approach it offers up. CBR Temporary Works Ltd have experience in developing bespoke temporary works procedures for Client, Principal Contractor, Contractor, Designer and Supplier organisations.

No two procedures are the same and each organisation operates differently. What we offer here at CBR Temporary Works Ltd is a personalised service to each of our clients. We work closely with you and your organisation to ensure your temporary works procedure compliments the way you work and the service you in turn offer to your clients.