What we offer: 

Once a project has commenced, the necessity of a Temporary Works Coordinator becomes obvious as construction activities give rise to temporary works items. Temporary works items need to be planned, managed, monitored and ultimately coordinated throughout the life cycle of the project.

This management process can sometimes be quite straight forward on some projects whereas in other projects it can end up being rather complex.

The current makeup of existing construction contracts can then add another layer of complication into the mix whereby management companies, acting on behalf of their clients are fragmenting the process by subcontracting parts of their works to specialists contractors. The old model whereby companies self-delivered on their own projects is slowly fading away and for some in the industry is a thing of the past.

The net result of all this is that you now have two different types of temporary works coordinators on projects. A PCTWC that will work for the Principal Contractor and a TWC that will work for the Contractor. Some duties of a PCTWC and TWC will overlap however there are also distinctive differences in other duties. CBR Temporary Works Ltd are well versed on the duties of both a PCTWC and TWC and have acted in both these capacities for Principal Contractor and Contractor organisations in the past.


Personalised Service:

In order to offer this coordination service to clients, CBR Temporary Works Ltd has developed their own unique electronic TW register management system. Our bespoke electronic TW registers have been used as master TW registers by Principal Contractors and as just normal TW registers by Contractors on projects. Our master electronic registers are effectively a management tool and allow Principal Contractors to demonstrate they are in control of their projects and identify key hold points for Contractors to observe.

As part of the PCTWC’s role, regular audits are required to be undertaken on projects to ensure all Contractors are following either their own or the Principal Contractors TW procedure. CBR Temporary Works Ltd provide this auditing function as part of their coordination service.