What we offer: 

It is the opinion of the CBR Temporary Works Ltd team that the success of any construction project, be it big or small, is in planning of the project. This statement is true at the design conception stage of a project where temporary works design can be shown to complement the permanent works design, where buildability is considered from the outset. This statement is also true when it comes to construction method engineering and in particular sequencing, how you plan, sequence and ultimately deliver a project in the most efficient way.

It does seem however that temporary works can often feel like the poor relation when it comes to most construction projects and an allowance within the commercial and technical packages is rarely, if ever catered for. CBR Temporary Works Ltd are constantly striving to buck this trend. We have been offering this planning service to our clients, many of whom have now become repetitive clients as they begin to realise the benefits of this holistic, big picture approach.


Driving efficiencies & strategy

We don’t just look at driving efficiencies into the permanent work design at conception stage, we don’t just look at strategy, but we look at every possible temporary works item that will be encountered on the project. This list of temporary works items forms part of the initial temporary works register for the project. This list of temporary works items allows Technical and Commercial teams to write comprehensive scope documents at tender stage for both Consultant and Contractor packages respectively. This list provides certainty to these Technical and Commercial teams and most importantly to their clients. It allows them to enter into projects with their eyes wide open and not be exposed at a later date. For some clients it can be the deciding factor in determining if a project will be viable or not.