What We Offer: 

We are fortunate here at CBR Temporary Works Ltd that our Engineers are some of the best in the business. We deliver both practical and innovative solutions to our clients with buildability always in the forefront of our minds. Why would we design a temporary works solutions that our clients cannot build?

What we pride ourselves on here at CBR Temporary Works Ltd is giving our clients the best value for money each and every time we design a solution. Our designers at CBR Temporary Works Ltd have the perfect blend of both academic knowledge and hands on site experience. Our engineers are able to draw on this reservoir of site knowledge which helps them in refining the final solution for our clients.

Our temporary works design procedures here at CBR Temporary Works Ltd have the requirements of CDM 2015, Regulation 9, at their core, buildability being the key to success. We are of the belief that the stage of a project where we can offer best value for money is always at design conception. Here, we can sometimes influence the permanent works design in designing out the need for temporary works where possible. Whatever we cannot design out, we can sometimes make the permanent works work in the temporary condition. Whatever we cannot design out or whatever permanent works we cannot make work in the temporary condition, we then seek to drive efficiencies into whatever temporary works remain.


Personalised Service:

We have a comprehensive internal design checking process in place for all CAT 1 and CAT 2 design items. The requirements and controls around design risk are part of the ethos of the business. We proactively follow the principles of prevention in eliminating and reducing risk in all temporary works items we design. Any residual risks left over are all clearly identified and communicated to site teams typically through the use of warning triangles on our drawings.

The following is a sample list of temporary items we can design for our clients;

  • Slope stability
  • Excavation support
  • Needling and propping
  • Retaining walls
  • Façade retention
  • Stability of structures during demolition or alteration
  • Timber headings
  • Piling mats and working platforms
  • Underpinning
  • Tower crane foundations
  • Mobile crane foundations
  • River and marine works
  • Tower crane grillage
  • Formwork and falsework
  • Gantries
  • Scaffold
  • Hoist tie-ins
  • Erection of structural frames
  • Access systems