What We Offer: 

CBR Temporary Works Ltd offer a full review and appraisal of organisations temporary works procedural control documentation against the latest revision of BS5975. This is a free service we offer to our clients as part of our introductory package.

This review of organisations current overarching procedures is also inclusive of all supporting documentation such as design brief forms, temporary works registers, permits to load/strike, design check certificates, appointment forms, ITP’s etc. In addition, any temporary works guidance documents which have been produced to support organisations temporary works procedures are also covered in the review.


Our Experience:

CBR Temporary Works Ltd have experience working alongside Client, Principal Contractor, Contractor, Designer and Supplier organisations in this regard. Following the revision of BS5975 in 2019, several significant changes were made to the old version of BS5975 and a large number organisations procedures are now in fact deficient in certain areas.

Our goal at CBR Temporary Works Ltd is to ensure that all of our clients temporary works procedures are aligned and compliant with the requirements of the latest version of BS5975 and further revisions into the future.